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By geoff's two cents (anonymous) | Posted September 17, 2008 at 02:06:48

brodiec - OK, so academics are lazy and childish. No argument there. However, don't you see a problem with running mostly empty, articulated 10s on a lower-density route while the other buses are jammed full?

Last spring, I caught the 10 westbound every day downtown - Almost every person on that bus from downtown to the campus was a student.

I agree that the system should not just cater to the university. As I suggested above, however, why can't the efficiency of the 10 be increased by removing one of the Westdale stops on westbound trips, and having no eastbound stop in Westdale at all?

The university is by far the most important stop on the B-line between downtown and Dundas, and should be better connected.

U of T has three subway stations accessing its campus, the Bee-line in Vancouver has been a staple of transportation to UBC for some time now, and the city is building a subway line to the university in the medium-term future, and Montreal has two subway stops. What is particularly annoying about Hamilton is that the city (which is home to what is by many accounts Canada's fourth most important post-graduate university) seemed to have had their priorities largely in order in the first place - only then to change them drastically.

Finally, lazy or no, a well-planned transit system requires at least two things - that people make the commitment to switch from driving their cars to using public transit, and that the city make it convenient for these people. If the city and school is willing to do little to coax people out of their cars, this will not affect the committed few, but will surely discourage others from giving up their cars. This will likely have negative repercussions for the entire city.

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