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By not happy (anonymous) | Posted September 16, 2008 at 20:51:31

I have to say I am completely unhappy with the removal of the bee-line bus stops off of McMaster's campus. Last year, as an employee at Mac, I decided to turn in my parking permit and for the good of the environment, take the bus to work. It worked out really well. Now, I am so tempted to get back into my car and drive.

The stop at the south-end of campus (McMaster Hospital) is not very convenient. Further, the number of east-bound Beeline buses that stop right at the hospital is split in half (the other half going to the Main/Emerson stop). More inconvenience.

Things were easier when I just went to one stop and all the buses stopped there. I just hopped on the next bus! Now, the buses don't stop at all the same locations. Takes more time now.

As a result, I find all the other buses that stop on campus overly crowded! Not as many people are taking the Beeline bus. So what's the point?

Things will get only worse in 2011 when McMaster kicks off all buses from going through campus. I can't believe that strategy. It discourages people from taking public transit to work.

Transit should deliver people to places they want to go; not to where it makes it easier for the buses to get to! I'm hoping the HSR gets its priorities in place. If they can't drive the Beeline buses anymore on campus, at least keep the route as close as it used to be. Have a stop at the Sterling entrance. Or better yet, work with McMaster so they allow buses to drive up to the Student Centre and circle right back out.

I find that people who make public transit decisions, don't take public transit! If they did, they wouldn't route popular bus lines away from destinations where people want to go.

That's all (for now!)

where people want to

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