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By Leaving the core (anonymous) | Posted September 13, 2008 at 12:52:29


Wow, you sound like a real cheer-leader for the left. Give me a break. We've all seen what left leaning goverments have done to Hamilton and so many other cities in Canada... more social housing, more social assistance and more social programs do not make a city prosper. Have you not seen what is soon to open in our core? 2 new social housing projects ... great, that's exactly what we need to improve our downtown. I, like many of my friends have decided to move out of the core because living among folk who "just don't feel like workin'" has gotten to us.

It's time for a Conservative majority to clean up this country. Of course the left is scared ... they'll have to get off their butts to benefit from the Conservative platform.

Harper will get his majority ... Hard working Canadians are sick of their tax dollars going to buy beer and pizza for half of Hamilton.

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