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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted September 10, 2008 at 15:40:07

Ryan, the concept of centralizing power and into the hands of a few people is the problem. In the private sector, there are a multitude of groups who offer services in exchange for people's money. In the public sector, there is three.

In the private sector, each citizen gets to chose daily on who will win his business. In the public sector, each citizen (over 18) gets a 1/15,000,000 weighted choice every 4 - 5 years on who will get his business.

Which system do you think delivers the most satisfaction to the people?

If the people in government are so important to the lives of Canadians, they would not need to resort to theft in order to fund their operations. Walmart, McDonald's, Disney, Toyota, and other successful organizations also serve a large customer base, but they so by allowing people the freedom to choose.

Government does not give people this choice, but rather believes that your money is their money. If you object to this claim on your labour, you are sent to jail, or worse.

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