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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted August 12, 2008 at 15:10:51

I'd like to make a comment re: Councilor Whitehead's comments, but there appears to be no more space on that webpage.

Mr. Whitehead quote:" Recently, a woman was severely injured at the corner of Mohawk and Upper James and is in critical condition – it is not sure yet if she will survive. A few weeks ago there was an accident at Mohawk and West 5th that led to a fatality."

I used to use both of these corners on a multi-daily basis. Both of these intersections are unsafe, esp. the smaller West 5th & Mohawk intersection. Sight lines are blocked by a host of signs, boxes etc. for both pedestrian, bike, & car traffic. It is one intersection that Needs an advance green for traffic turning left onto West 5th, & from West 5th onto Mohawk. Both also could use better/longer pedestrian lights to assist people in walking across wide intersections.

'Hamilton is the Most Overtaxed City in Canada.'

Re: 'Mealy Mouth' decisions on Area Rating. O.K., so how does charging people for things that they don't have 'Fair'? Only in Hamilton, you say?.... Somebody had better get with the program. Everyone who lives in these areas is Not a millionaire! In an aging population are you generally in favour of many the elderly & retired losing their homes, so that 'You' can get a tax break? Well, that doesn't sound 'Fair'?

One comment was made in the Spec, about 'Fire Crews from other areas of the City having to respond to fires in Ancaster'. I wonder if similar B*-atching took place over this weekend when a Toronto propane explosion brought out fire crews from many areas of the City? What about the King & Ossington fire earlier last year? How insanely parocial can people get!?! It's a Fire, fer God's Sake!

We lost a vehicle to a fire that was 'suspicious' to say the least. When the Fire Dept. was called on a Saturday morning, they wanted to do '20 questions' & decided that since no-one was at imminent peril, they would take about 15 minutes to respond. (They are located less than 1 minute away.) So having a Volunteer Fire Dept. has it's downside esp. to residents. Is that 'Fair'? Why do so many arson fires happen on weekends?

Since there are no Police in attendence at the local station from quitting time Friday, to Monday's a.m. starting shift, a lot more 'stuff' happens here on weekends. Is that 'Fair' to business',residents & victims?

A bus that runs chiefly to assist local Malls, is not a bus as I know it, esp. if it doesn't run on Sundays, or connect in any reasonable way with City transit. (you know, 'City' that thing the we are supposed to now be a part of?? Or is that just when it $trike$ the City's mood to enclude u$?)

Everytime the City is presented with a viable & cost effective way to stem the rot, it won't do it. (2 way traffic on Main & King St's.) When it get's something to assist it, it's usually mostly via another Government source. (Light Rail, The new Ferguson St Bridge etc.)

When I go Downtown, the same places that flourished before are still doing well, & the same ones that floundered are still a mess. How has about 8 years worth of cash influx from amalgamation helped the downtown core? It hasn't! How has it helped the 'Burbs'? It hasn't either. All it has done is pitted the City against the Burbs in a no-win situation.

(Which is exactly what it was supposed to do! While both sides get into media hair-pullers about Basic Services, we are distracted from the fact that this a no-win adversarial situation, that provides ample opportunity for political grandstanding, abuse of taxes & tax payers.)

Maybe it's the ulimate excercise in 'Fairness' that no one seems to be getting what they need, let alone what they want.

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