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By Kat (anonymous) | Posted August 06, 2008 at 15:00:17

No matter what, this is not going to be free. For me, the question that arises is who should pay for it? Some would argue that those who use it should pay for it, which is partially how the current system works. However, the current system works under the assumption that all riders are equal, and all have equal incomes. This, as any Hamiltonian knows, is not the case. 70 dollars a month means a lot more to some people than it does to others. Someone who is barely above the poverty line, for example, may not be able to afford 70 dollars a month. However, they may be in a situation where their employment is not within walking distance to their home, in which case, transit is a necessity, but a necessity that is not available to them. Is it not, therefore, right that the rest of Hamilton help them, through higher taxes, so that there can be a reduced fare? Increased camraderie can do nothing but help--if we help that person to get to work, they earn an income, which is in turn taxed, as well as enabling them to independantly contribute to the city, benefitting us all. (Setting aside considerations of what type of employment/living wage etc.). Reduced or free transit is an investment that we all can benefit from.

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