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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted July 22, 2008 at 14:17:34

I am not against government, I am against the idea that government handouts can help build a prosperous city, or individual for that matter. In fact, all I am doing is following the line of thinking that Ryan mentions in this article

Conventional thinking tells us that getting money, whether from government, or from a lottery is an unequivocal good. However, as Ryan points out, conventional thinking usually fails to look at the more subtle secondary effects.

Therefore, when I mention that Hamilton would be better off with "less" handouts from government, it is because I believe these secondary effects are limiting the very progress everyone wants to see take place. Those that fail to see this, are falling into the very trap that Ryan is warning us about, only looking at the obvious effect of how free money could help us.

That is why I talk about catering to businesses, not because I love rich people, but because I know the secondary effects of these actions would help average people more than rich people.

This is in contrast to the conventional idea that says governments should try to cater to the average citizen, because it is they that need the help. However, if we learn anything from this article, it is that we want to avoid the obvious, because it is usually wrong.

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