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By geejayn (registered) | Posted July 19, 2008 at 14:53:49

LRT is a very bad idea. It is a fad that is being pushed by anti-auto environmentalists by means of lies and deception. Take note that it is claimed that an "overwhelming number" of Hamiltonians support LTR. The fact is that comments were received from only 150 people and 117 were in favour of LTR. 117 out of 150?? This is overwhelming? LRT is especially bad for Hamilton. Yes, it sounds very sexy and exciting, but the truth is that it makes almost no sense.One of the proposed routes goes up the mountain. That area is suburban and people are very unlikely to be taking public transit there since they need a car to get around in the suburbs anyway, and this is the preferred method of travel.The proposed route from Eastgate to University Plaza along King-Main would eliminate at least two lanes of traffic.However, it has been shown that the fastest, least-polluting way to move cars is via one-way streets with timed signals. This is exactly what we have now and propose to get rid of. The proponents of LRT like the idea that they are making the city more congested. All the better to make the point that people need to get out of their cars and take LRT. First, they create the problem and then invent the solution that suits them, LRT. LRT is very expensive to build and maintain. A four to eight-lane expressway costs about the same per mile to build as LRT. The argument that LRT would cut down on pollution is without merit. For one thing, if built right now, it would cause more congestion and thus increase pollution. In addition, because of the increase in the cost of fuel, it is likely that by the time the LRT is completed, there will be a switch to smaller, more fuel-efficent, and even hybrid or electric, vehicles that would pollute very little, rendering LRT obsolete.I could go on, but these comments should give a sense of my reasons for opposing LRT. BRT, although not without its own problems, is the preferable and cheaper alternative.

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