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By Oldgit (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2006 at 01:20:50

Hindsite is often 100%. When you have enough of it in your rear view mirror you can apply it to the present situation.

When I tried to ask the then local councellor about better public transit in my area, I was told that 'Everyone has 2.5 cars here, & we don't need it.'
When i also tried to talk about 'car sitting' being very unhealthy, & how we could make the area more walker friendly, I was poo-pooed. (We have an intersection with pedestrian lights at our only local store, that won't let me cross before it turns red, & there are about 5 seniors residences within 2 blocks of that store. I guess they better move after they stop driving? I walk pretty fast & I can only get 1/2 across before the ped. light changes. Every member of my family including the dogs has had a near-miss at that corner.)

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" - The Who

I don't expect our new local boss to be anymore receptive than the old one, unless somebody supports putting in a pedestrian toll booth at that red light.
You folks are doing a 1st rate job with this web site, but you are dealing with a City Hall that mostly doesn't get it. They are the ones rooted in the 50's mentality, & most of them were not even there to see what a mess it became later. God help us all.

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