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By Dwayne Brown (anonymous) | Posted July 16, 2008 at 11:46:47

All of these comments are relevant. The lack of COMMON SENSE in city council is glaring - we all see it and we all know! We have the power to change it. Please - everyone get out and vote for those changes in the next election. Some of these jokers have been in city council for ever. If we simply allow them to feel confident that they are not being held accountable why would they ever think of doing the most common sensical things - like actually working together (putting their petty political aspirations to the side) and not making goofy statements based on extremely weak arguments that are more often than not based on "research" (I use that word very loosly)that they've gleened from the Internet, magazines, news articles etc - that is relevant to OTHER cities in the world. They simply refuse to look at Hamilton's situation as unique and in need of desperate measures that work for THIS CITY - not New York, Portland, and any number of other places that are referenced. They live in little bubbles and appear to have little interest in solving real problems. AND I ask - do these problems always need 2-3 studies financed at the tax-payers expense? Why aren't more citizens being asked for some practical input? ideas? opinions? whatever? To quote one of them - where some of the goofiest ideas have come from - It ain't rocket science. And as much as I hate that phrase - it's true!
We need some political changes before this city can even have a fighting chance. 2010 - get out and VOTE one and all!!!

Dwayne Brown - Ward 4

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