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By jason (registered) | Posted July 14, 2008 at 08:56:09

great letter. Many of us downtown residents have long suspected that certain councillors want downtown to fail (it makes their boring wards a viable option for people to move to who otherwise would get the heck out with better options). Now we know this to be true. The proof is all around us on James and John. Traffic moves fine and business is picking up. They were able to claim fear or ignorance (I think they've got that one cornered permanently) BEFORE the initial round of conversions, even though examples across the continent were more than enough proof that it was a no-brainer. But now that we've already been enjoying the successful rebirth on those streets, their agenda can't be hidden anymore behind the 'unknown'. They know full well it works now and voted to halt progress in it's tracks. That's one thing our politicians are experts at in this city.

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