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By JimSchultz (registered) | Posted July 12, 2008 at 20:31:43

The products used in 92 % of the cities comes directly from smokestack scrubbers and has about 20 toxic contaminates not mentioned to the public.Arsenic leads the list and is often the main source of arsenic in a cities water. The EPA testimony in 2004 in New Jersey showed 20-25 cancers from this alone per million. Lead is second but the FSA product is very corrosive and leaches lead from brass meters,faucet,shut offs,fittings ,solder and is by far the main source of lead in your homes water. When chloramine is used it can go off the charts and did in Washington DC for 4 years as they did not discover it for almost 3 years as lead in homes is tested every 3. They did an excellent coverup and blamed lead supply lines only. After adding corrosion control chemicals the problem is under control. Not one chronic study was ever done for safety or benefits on FSA but it is Known to be 25 times more deadly then natural calcium fluoride which the theory is based on and you hear refered to. Smoke and mirrors. The Yoder K.M. 2007 study showed only 17% of dental professions understood the new science of fluoridation. Most still believe the myth taught in school with blind faith. Only 14% got it right in Illinois. Should that qualify anyone for leadership on a issue. It has so far. Look up some studies and then read the safe for all and everyone benefits PR material again in a new light. It should scare you. Jim Schultz

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