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By trey2 (anonymous) | Posted July 02, 2008 at 23:41:12

Just because a building is "imposing" doesn't mean the building can't be magnificent. Stinson is proposing an imposing building no doubt, but I thing no less imposing and grand as the Grand Central Station in NYC.

Many great historical and important buildings were criticised for being TOO IMPOSING. and today we celebrate them as architectural achievements and significant landmarks. In fact they often identify the place which they occupy by their existence.

Stinson's vision tower for Hamilton is the greatest thing to happen to Hamilton since The Steel Company of Canada (Stelco) chose to locate in Hamilton 100 years ago (every major city in Canada was bidding for the steel plant). I sincerely hope the best for Stinson.... I am 80% decided in purchasing a unit in his building. Not because I believe in him and his development but because I believe it will be a good investment. An investment that has not been realized for a long while... that is an investment in Hamilton realizing its potential.

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