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By trey2 (anonymous) | Posted June 29, 2008 at 13:26:32

There is enough vacant office space in the city. It should be condos with ground level retail, a Hard Rock Cafe or something that downtown could use.

It's time for LIUNA to get creative with Lister. And don't tear it down because whatever LIUNA builds in its place would pale in comparison to Lister, not that Lister is a spectacular building but the crap boxes built of late like the Bay Street Fed Bldg or the lame Staybridge Suites, or Cityview Terraces are crappy buildings.

Sorry but I don't trust our developers to build anything that would enhance our streetscape or improve our architectural stock, they haven't shown otherwise. The litmus test should be whether or not a new building would be cared for by the citizens in 80 years like Lister is - if a new building would even last that long.

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