Comment 25708

By Another Capitalist (anonymous) | Posted June 26, 2008 at 10:57:08

This saga has gone on more than long enough!

There has to be a better way. The costs of restoring a property are always much higher than starting anew.

No developer should be expected to carry this cost because they will always be looking for assistance and then NOTHING gets done.

If any level of government slaps any designation on any property then it should be responsible for the increase in cost, especially if the designation comes after the owner bought it.

There has to be a better way in deciding what is "Heritage". I get Lister, but PLEASE there is no way someone is going to convince me that horrid structure at 71 Main St. West is worth saving. It's less than 50 years old and was falling apart before it opened.

As for Lister, I suspect it's days are numbered! You can blame everyone for that because it's been a problem for 3 decades.

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