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By jason (registered) | Posted June 24, 2008 at 17:22:19

I received this email back from the Mayor's office on this topic:

Mayor Eisenberger asked that I touch base with you regarding the important Economic Development opportunity you shared with the Mayor and Councillors Bratina and McHattie.

The return of a wind turbine plant to the province is good news. Ontario had a wind turbine plant in London, Ontario which imported blades from Germany - the steel posts were made in Hamilton. The plant closed in 2005 due in part to changes in the provinces energy policy relating to wind turbines.

Back in 2002, the province had established a program and set the target of between 3500-4000 Mega Watts generated through wind turbines. The province is currently under 500 Mega Watts using this means. At present, new wind turbines constructed in Ontario have blades imported with the posts now also imported from the United States. Currently, Germany has the world's largest employment sector in terms of wind turbines with more than 250,000 jobs created from a standing start in approximately 1996.

Hamilton has natural advantages for this sector due to our port (importing of blades from Germany) and steel industry (posts for the turbines). Our Economic Development department is hard at work pursuing the province to short-list Hamilton as a prefered location for a potential plant. With the recent creation of the Energy and Infrastructure Ministry by the province, we anticipate that decisions on this file will be made in short order.

Thank you once again for sharing this exciting opportunity with us.

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