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By jason (registered) | Posted June 24, 2008 at 11:14:46

yea, this is great for the CITY. A piece of land along the QEW which would be perfect for CITY jobs is rezoned to allow Walmart. Another one, 2 exits east in Stoney Creek is also rezoned for the same reason. Please don't talk about 'poverty reduction' IN THE CITY and 'jobs' IN THE CITY when we constantly rezone land IN THE CITY for wasteful sprawl. The airport is in Mount Hope, not THIS CITY. Anyone living in poverty now has no chance in heck of landing a job out there. They could have at Centennial and Barton with ample bus/bike access to the urban population of the ciity. The bottom line is simple - we all know what is destined to be built around the airport. More meadowlands. No companies are interested in our land around Red Hill yet, so it all goes to sprawl. If the 'aerotropolis' is actually about highway serviced land, and not the airport (as suggested by city hall) then why don't we push hard to fill the Glanbrook Park at Red Hill and sites along the QEW for industry before developing a park in the middle of nowhere, next to a rinky-dink 2-lane highway??? It makes no sense. As usual in Hamilton, something is up behind the scenes and anyone who's paying attention knows exactly what it is.

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