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By gingerg (anonymous) | Posted June 23, 2008 at 00:19:00

I am currently reading James Howard Kunstler's book The Long Emergency and completely concur with 'Piglet's' comments. Kunstler endorsement of US foreign policy, particularly the invasion and occupation of Iraq, is unpardonable in a so-called radical critic. Having read two of Kunslter's previous book - The Geography of Nowhere and "Home from No Where" (which continue and deepen the critique of autocentric suburban culture found in writers from Lewis Mumford to Jane Jacobs) - I was truly surprised and dismayed by his illogical justification of the Iraq fiasco. Kunstler's central thesis - that suburban sprawl is unsustainable and that the US along with the rest of the world needs to shift to a new environmentally friendly economic model - presupposes that the US (or any other power) should not be using military and economic force to corner and exploit the strategic resources of other countries? So why the war mongering posture?

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