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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 22, 2008 at 11:27:03

Thank you, Reuben. But 'attack' is what this person believes in; especially if he disagrees with one's position. His logic is also suspect. Let's continue your medical analogy.

If I were your doctor and you came to me because you were feeling ill and described your symptoms....worn, falling apart, the subject of ridicule, way past your prime, your friends are falling apart beside you, and I examined your vital signs and checked your blood and did x-rays and maybe depending on the situation, sent you to 'outside' experts for an expert analysis. And after all this I told you,

"Brodiec, don't worry. We have looked at everything and you still have a pulse and you are still standing. So everything is ok."

How well would you really feel? That is the equvalent of what the Provincial 'experts' did. They said that the LIster is of provincial significance because it 'has a pulse' and is 'still standing'!

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