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By Vic (anonymous) | Posted June 19, 2008 at 13:02:13

That's funny, James. Bush is your whiter-than-white good ol' Southern boy . . . and look what he has done to "benefit" the u.s. and the entire world.

Additionally, race is becoming less and less "black and white", both literally and figuritively. That kind of change is imperitive to human social and biological development.

Any one who feels that race actually accounts for anything like leadership qualities is sorely mistaken. Race is merely the excuse those in power used to malign and marginalize human beings for their own personal gain. The reason you see one particular race ghettoized is due to them having been forced their by "higher" powers.

The return of leadership to the rightful heirs in a FEW communities (which you seem to believe makes up the guideline for every situation) is actually accurately attributed to the lack of experience of those in the position, and the incredible downward spiral the previous administrators forced them in to before departing. Given time and perhaps a few helpful nudges, they will be able to live up to the potential of being exceptional leaders.
But then, we are all human beings, so even they may end up being tyrrants like others before them. Ethnicity will never determine that.

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