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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 18, 2008 at 17:14:16

Well, I've certainly struck a nerve; and I agree the debate is becoming a bit circular. Rusty/Ben, I appreciate your perspective and encouragement; and Mary Louise I praised your courage and honesty in my posts while disagreeing with your speculattions and conclusions.

Not to belabour this, but I read the report provided and judged it to be 'light'. I also recall the 'politics' around the issue when the province first weighed in; and reached conclusions.

I haven't yeat heard anyone say that retail theme and multi use are good reasons for designation, just that they are reasons. In fact Ryan advised that I take up the argument with the Province. I don't think I'll do that. I just voiced my opinion on the report I read. I didn't pull the conclusion from thin air. So I too will thank Kieran for forcing this report to be made public; I suspect the report was kept confidential because the Trust was embarrassed by its light weight analysis. But before you jump on me for that, I'll concede that it is pure speculation on my part. But why else would they want to keep such a bland report confidential since we all knew its conclusions?
Think about that!

Now on to some other topic perhaps, so as not to bore the readers of this online paper.

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