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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted June 18, 2008 at 09:52:30


You feel 'ganged up on' because you've entered a heritage building friendly discussion group and advocated an alternative position. Furthermore you've done so with not much in the way of hard evidence or coherent argument.

As Ryan indicated with his alternative opinion links, there is nothing wrong with expressing an alternative opinion on this site - you just need to back it up.

Of course the majority of opinions on this site are going to be for saving the Lister. As well as all the evidence in favour of it this site is also a proponent of heritage building re-use.

Contrary opinions provide much more lively discussions and I love to see them (I've enjoyed this one). Don't, whatever you do, shy away from standing your ground if you feel you are correct but please be prepared to provide some concrete evidence or arguments to back yourself up. Anybody can disagree with anything but there needs to be some substance and reasoning behind that disagreement - it's only when we get to that that we can all learn something.



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