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By Sage (anonymous) | Posted June 17, 2008 at 06:53:34

Ryan, if you think that Lincoln Alexander actually wrote that report then you will also believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Mr. Alexander, as Chair of the Trust, was handed the cover letter which he signed. The report was written by a staffer after consulting the people named. Of course Mr. Alexander, as Chair, would be forced to stand behind the report but that isn't exactly the same as having authored it. In fact I seem to recall from Media reports that the whole Board did not even meet to vet this report.
As for consultation with the 'experts' it would be interesting to know the extent of that consultation; and more to the point what they would have listed as items pointing away from provincial significance before they tilted in favour of such significance.

My main objection, however, is to the contents of the report and the rationalization for provincial significance. I think any objective reader of the report would have to be surprised that it is hinging provincial significance on a 'theme' of retail and use rather than on more compelling criteria. It just seems a stretch to me.

And don't read this as favouring the Lister's demise. I neve said that. I just concurred with Capitalist's frustration and stated that most Hamiltonians feel the same way, I would venture to guess. Jason, who tends to react emotionally from what I can gather, quickly 'jumped to conclusions'. Again, for the record, the Lister is of LOCAL importance, there is no doubt about that; it doesn't seem to have the provincial importance that you are hanging your hat on except in the flimsiest of ways. And the most pressing item locally is to find a solution to bring that corner back into productive use. We are further away from this goal than we have been in the last 5 years, I would guess.
I am not backtracking in the least and I have no vested interest and no axe to grind one way or the other, other than to keep RTH's feet to the fire. You claim to support all that is virtuous and allow for the free flow of honest dialogue. However, you pounce on anyone who thinks differently. You use your cronies to 'gang up' on independent and contrary thought. And that is what I'm finding interesting to expose. And I'm ready for the challenge. My only enemy is time, because there is so much that you say that merits contradiction and so little time to do it; it would have to almost be a full time job. And some of us work for a living!

In fact I am talking to a few people about setting up another Hamilton web magazine modelled after yours but offering a truly diverse group of writers with varied opinions. Maybe we'll call it "Bury the Hatchet" or something much more clever to signal an end to acrimony and blame-laying but truly an interest in seeing our city rise.

In the absence of this, Ryan, you would benefit yourself if on your list of regular contributors you included some contrarians. It would make you seem fairer and less, well, ideological. But then again, ideology is undoubtedly what you are all about.

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