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By adrian (registered) | Posted June 13, 2008 at 10:26:16

You beat me to this blog post. I've been thinking about precisely this issue over the past couple of weeks.

This is a major crisis in the airline industry that seems to be making notably little impact on establishment mindset towards the Aerotropolis, in a way that is strongly reminiscent of the debate on Red Hill.

Check out these bits and pieces from various articles I've read in the last while (I'd link to these articles but they're not all open to the public any more):

Continental Airlines Inc. said Thursday it is cutting 3,000 jobs and reducing capacity in the fourth quarter by 11 per cent, citing record fuel costs that have pushed the airline industry into a “crisis.” The company also said Chairman and Chief Executive Lawrence Kellner and President Jeff Smisek will not take salaries or incentive pay for the rest of the year.

With the price of gas approaching $4 a gallon, more commuters are abandoning their cars and taking the train or bus instead.

Mass transit ridership was up 8 percent in Denver in the first three months of the year compared with last year, despite a fare increase in January and a slowing economy.

Mass transit systems around the country are seeing standing-room-only crowds on bus lines where seats were once easy to come by. Parking lots at many bus and light rail stations are suddenly overflowing, with commuters in some towns risking a ticket or tow by parking on nearby grassy areas and in vacant lots.

Fuel costs will hurt demand, Air Canada warns

Air Canada is making adjustments to cope with record high fuel costs that are expected to put a dent in demand for air travel in the second half of the year, the airline's chief executive officer says.

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