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By HusbandOfTheHoundAuthor (anonymous) | Posted June 08, 2008 at 15:39:00

It's always delicious fun when you point out that the Emperor's buttocks are fully exposed. As if startled by the overhead kitchen light at 3am, the 'cognisiti' scurry away from reason like cockroaches. "Sense of composition". Perhaps he possessed same; alas, if only he had employeed some of it while painting with random splashes and the odd banana peel (they're all odd, if you get right down to it). His artistic statement, if contemplated for a picosecond, is how hollow much of the rhetoric can be when attempting to elevate nonsense to high art. Ah, but wait, he makes us think. Well, so would a floater in a bowl of oil. That does not make it art. It's still a floater in a bowl of oil.

Tell it like it is Kevin. No prisoners.

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