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By reuben (registered) - website | Posted June 05, 2008 at 16:41:50

this article just seems like complaining, i have to say i am dispointed. i think it may just be time to celebrate a good thing, or even a good effort.

the city deleted a lane of traffic for the york blvd bike lanes. a bold move. and it does make cycling that route much easier and safer. sure, a completely separate lane would be nice, but we have to start somewhere. an entire cycling system cannot be built overnight.

while i dont think a parking garage like this one really fits hamilton very well (this type of infrastructure works much better in larger cities with centralized cores and limited parking such as chicago -- talk to me again when hamiltons surface parking is covered with occupied office space), if you state that these initiatives were designed to fail, i think you have given up completely on any effort the city makes.

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