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By David (anonymous) | Posted June 04, 2008 at 23:52:08

In small market radio media my whole life, I have asked this same question. The answer:

1) Advertisers. The commercial media can't report the truth, but rather need to keep an atmosphere where their advertisers can prosper, or there won't be paychecks. You can't say,"We take this break from End of the World coverage to bring you this message from Princess Cruises".

2)Corporate CEO Owners - who decide which stories can be run that won't hurt their own investments.

3) Government. Look no further than that "Conspiracies:Iraq" video you were in - you can't ask the president tough questions, or you lose your credentials to attent press conferences in the White House.

There are more, but those 3 are mainly why they will show the meltdown of Britney Speers or a car-chase on the streets of LA, but not bank runs, government lies, Constitutional discard, Matt Simmons on oil supplies, deficits of households financing their life on credit cards, etc.

There is no democracy with a controlled media.

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