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By SkyForum (anonymous) | Posted December 02, 2006 at 19:21:16

That's an interesting way to stop spammers, LOL "What do you get when you divide 12 by 3"
anyways, on to the topic.
I own a towing company in Denver. I think it's a tremendous article and it has a lot of merit. We have a very successful light rail system all through downtown here. ALL of the parking is pay parking unless it is specifically for someones store. I have many of the accounts for towing for many of these lots. Don't pay? get towed. I end up with your car. It's obvious the idea is to get people out of their cars. I also think there is some rule here that if you buy property in the downtown matrix, you must agree to NOT build another parking lot or you cannot complete the sale.
This seems like a very logical way to deal with Arrogant American and their car.

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