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By Neil (registered) | Posted June 01, 2008 at 20:21:23

I live no where near Mac. I live in Guelph and the citizens of Guelph are slowly learning that if we want any decent chance of living through a medical emergency, McMaster is the only place to go.

I have to thank McMaster for saving my life. If the E/R was not there, I would not have made it, as I required gastro surgery. If I had to go to another E/R and then been "shipped" to McMaster for surgery, I probably would not have made it. I was rushed from the CAT scan to the OR. I only had minutes to live.

I thank McMaster and the doctors, nurses and friendly admin staff. PLEASE DON'T BREAK THE BEST THING GOING THIS SIDE OF BUFFALO!!! PLEASE!!!!

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