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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted May 28, 2008 at 14:26:54

The only sympathies I have is for the truth. I find it interesting that my posts have been called "Reaganomics", and "libertarian". I have not addressed your posts as "left wing", or "central planning", and nor will I. When you rely on labels to prop up your argument, rather than addressing the ideas, it shows the weakness in your position. Lets argue the merits of the ideas, rather than labeling them. Name calling is best left for the playground.

That said, the King/Spadina, King/Parliament rebirth is entirely a result of smaller government. Prior to the city's decision to remove zoning restrictions, the area was doing nothing. The great idea the city panel came up with was to let nature take its own course, and allow the market decide what was to be built in the area. This is the complete antithesis of government planning. It is not a complement to planning, it is the complete opposite.

The argument you are making is that it takes government to unleash the market. The market is the default system in the world, it does not require government, it exists in spite of government. Any credit that the Toronto government gives itself regarding the condo boom in Toronto is not theirs to take. Their only contribution was the recognition that they were the cause of the problem.

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