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By highwater (registered) | Posted May 23, 2008 at 09:33:31

The commentary on this site is no worse, and often alot better, than the commentary you get in the Spec, CH, and CHML. In fact, one of the reasons I frequent this site is because I can't find intelligent, in-depth news coverage in any of our local mainstream outlets. Does that mean that I agree with everything I see here? No. But I see things here that I will never see in the mainstream media and that makes all the difference.

The idea that the MSM is the guardian of "news" and "fact", while the web is full of "noise" and "opinion" is hilariously outdated. Frankly, the proliferation of sites such as this one, is a direct reaction to all the "noise and opinion" coming out of the MSM. The MSM has alot of damage control to do if they ever want to be seen as the arbiters of 'news and fact' again. Until then, my baloney filter will continue to be set on high when I read the Spec/listen to CH, etc., as much as when I read the web.

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