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By trey (registered) | Posted May 20, 2008 at 13:17:32

The point was missed by OKthen.

This is just one opinion, because of the lack of media -- variety of media -- also means a lack of diverse opinions. This is why this website exists, it offers one more set of diverse opinions to the miniscule variety of media opinion that exists in this marketplace compared to similar sized cities in Canada. Edmonton has two dailies, 17 radio stations, four tv stations, and several magazines and weeklies. This is the reason why CBC has Hamilton at the top of their list for a new radio station. How can another media outlet harm the people of Hamilton? It doesn't. It serves to offer another viewpoint on local issues, issues that are sometimes under-reported because of special interests. We hope people read this and gain another insight into an issue, they don't have to agree but perhaps have a discussion on the way this city evolves, to be a part of the evolution.

We don't have TOO (learn your homophones) much time on our hands. We have professions, families and obligations like any other civic minded, contributing member of our city. We happen to be passionate about Hamilton so much so that we chose to find time for this website. Do the members of the Chamber of Commerce have too much time on their hands? --or the volunteers at the foodbank, the little-league coaches and those offering services at their church. And thank you for the job offer but no thanks.

By the way -- who won American Idol? Too much time YOUR hands.

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