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By vote4me (registered) - website | Posted November 24, 2006 at 23:48:57

Traffic congestion is a symptom of decade’s developers and city planning gearing development for cars only. The only way to alleviate congestion in to long term is to invest in pedestrian friendly infrastructure and mass transit friendly facilities. This has been proven in Europe, Asia and California. .

One only has to walk from a traffic light to a department store in any outdoor malls to realize what we are talking about here. If store fronts are close to the road and the parking lots at the back they would be pedestrian friendly in the first place.

What is required is for our new mayor Fred Eisenberger and his team of councilors to change development zoning laws to encourage and enforce this. Doing this has a permanent effect that adds synergy to pedestrian friendly development. Vote4me encourages this type of policy change because they are effective and gain popularity over time by the public.

Here are some before and after photos for pedestrian friendly round about designs

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