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By trey (registered) | Posted May 17, 2008 at 11:08:53

This is very interesting because our City Management is ONLY concerned with the first point - Basic Services - regardless of their competence at providing those basic services, it IS all the care about.

When in fact the other points are what defines a city and make it livable and in return provide opportunity for employment, and pride in their city. The basic services would almost become moot if the city scored high on the other four issue.

For example: making a neighbourhood park sounds like a good idea (#2). But what good is the park with just open grass and a few twingy trees spaced out, so that the City workers have an easier time manoevering the lawn cutting machines. While making the park ugly and severly lacking in trees i.e. a functioning park -- that is trumped to make lawn cutting easier and police drive-bys looking for teen dope smokers easier, results in a useless park that is barely used.

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