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By jason (registered) | Posted November 24, 2006 at 12:12:30

I could live with one-way Main and King if done properly. Although I really believe that King from Dundurn or Queen to Wellington/Victoria needs to go 2-way in order to allow us to close it down for events such as Mustard Festival and other events that we could enhance and enlarge downtown instead of always sticking them on side streets or the south leg of Gore. I've seen a fabulous drawing somewhere around town of Main St near the courthouse with 2 car lanes, 1 BRT lane and wider sidewalks, trees, benches and shops facing the street in renovated and new builidngs. It was fabulous. Even Portland has many one-way streets but the lanes are narrow, there are shops at street level, tree canopies, street parking, bus/rail lanes and bike lanes on many of them. Not to mention stop lights at most intersections. Their blocks are roughly 50-80 feet in length meaning you rarely go more than a couple hundred feet without encountering another stop light...and they are timed - properly - to ensure that every 2nd or maybe 3rd light is red. Perhaps even keeping Main as one-way but having a contra-flow BRT lane in order to make transit more efficient and convenient would be a good idea. Then King could be made 2-way downtown or even further east. Keep in mind, King and Main have different dynamics. The city banned truck traffic on King through downtown years ago, which is why you see lighter traffic on King than on Main. Some folks think that traffic is idential on these 2 streets, but Main is 3,4 and even 5 lanes through most of the city. King is generally 2 with parking on both curbs. I suspect that folks use Cannon as an alternative to King. Again, 2 way Cannon and Wilson would give that many more options to us all, even if main were left one-way for cars.

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