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By Bada Bing (anonymous) | Posted May 15, 2008 at 20:30:53

Uncommon Sense earlier: "Guess what? YOU brought up the Red Hill, not anyone else. YOU launched the debate, but now that you're proven wrong yet again, you once again want to pick up your toys and go home."

I was only stating fact, not opinion. Lowes is there according to their own press releases because of the convenience of the road. This is not an endorsement or a criticism. It is a point of fact.

you know what I've noticed is that if you don't agree with an opinion you pile on in the most exaggerated way....employment is good; high paying employment is better; face the fact and admit that at least Lowes is better than an empty contaminated lot. It is also not accepting the lowest common denominator. i know someone on Vansitmart who I visited recently. For that family having a nice clean new store near their home is a point of pride. They told me the landfill is being turned into a park and were happy that for once this struggling neighbourhood is getting some notice.

What is wrong with that?

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