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By uncommon sense (anonymous) | Posted May 14, 2008 at 22:59:00

If people are getting angry with you, it's not because you "disagreed" with them, it's because you're just trolling. I mean, you're trying to say that opening a big box chain store on industrial land somehow creates jobs for engineers and accountants. I don't think even you believe this.

Re: my Iraq comment, it's called an analogy, look it up. You're making the same excuses everyone makes when the idea they supported turns out to be a bad idea. 'Oh, I wouldn't have done it THAT way, so I'm not responsible for the screwup.'

I'm still waiting for you to admit that a big box chain store isn't the industrial jobs the Red Hill shills promised us, that Lowes IS a big box store, that new tax assessment from big box stores will not pay for Red Hill ($20 million a year in debt, operating and lifecycle costs), that there are other alternatives between a brownfield and a big box store, that a big box store will not produce engineering and accounting jobs, and that a big box store doesn't create "diversified opportunities". I guess I'll be waiting a while.

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