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By uncommon sense (anonymous) | Posted May 14, 2008 at 16:23:00

What a copout. Bada Bing you just make ridiculous statements and then backtrack when people call you out, moving the goalposts again and again instead of just admitting you're wrong.

"I would have done things differently"

Sure, and the people banging the Iraq war drums "would have done things differently" too once everyone could see that the idea was just as bad as its opponents said it would be.

Face it: Red hill is turning out EXACTLY the way the people who opposed it said it would, a big whack of single family houses on the mountain and a few box stores to service them. No industry. No jobs. No economic development. What a waste.

You are absolutely an expressway apologist. You don't get to duck criticism by saying you were crossing your fingers.

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