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By Bada Bing (anonymous) | Posted May 14, 2008 at 16:07:21

I am far from an expressway apologist; in fact I would have done things differently, but I can tell hypocrisy when I see it; and the handwringing that goes on here is amazing. Ryan, stick to light rail. You make sense there. Highwater, you have common sense, even if ideological blinkers. jason, well, you must be a young man and a one trick pony; you will learn with age, I hope. You mimic other thoughts rather than being original. Give the city a chance. Don't pick on the business class and don't discriminate on jobs that you think are inferior to you. We have diversified opportuinities here and should welcom them all. But recognize when good things happen and the road was way the wrong place perhaps but way overdue. Congratulations to those with the drive to face adversity and get it done. Would they had been around when there were real options about location.
As for Aerotropolis or whatever....that's a whole other topic.

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