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By uncommon sense (anonymous) | Posted May 13, 2008 at 14:09:27

Let's not kid ourselves. Lowes isn't hiring engineers or accountants at its retail store in a strip plaza.

This is also not a false choice between low-paying jobs for "poor Hamiltonians" and nothing. We can position for low-paying jobs in strip plazas on the edge of town that are hard to reach without a car, or we can position for low-paying jobs in better connected buildings closer to where low-income Hamiltonians live.

We're spending hundreds of millions of dollars making it easy for the strip plaza jobs, but hardly anything to make it easier for the downtown jobs.

Which one do you think is more helpful to poor Hamiltonians?

Now ask, Who benefits from the strip plaza developments?

Do you really think it's about jobs and "opportunities"?

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