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By citizen (registered) | Posted November 23, 2006 at 22:48:45

I hear and I agree. Except for the fact that the 403 through Hamilton is often impossibly clogged at rush hour. So I don't see how we can divert more cars to the 403 off city streets at this moment.

I live in the West end and currently work near Grimsby (where I work changes all the time). So yes I'm one of those bastards that goes through the downtown to work.

I must note that this route HALVES my Km traveled and probably reduces the amount of polution my commute makes.

Maybe, once that evil terrible why would we ever want that in such a pristine cesspool of a creek highway opens, I will have a viable option.

Otherwise if Burlington street somehow made it to the 403, then you could really de-highway the downtown streets. Although there is construction on B Street right now, normally I've never seen it run at capacity.

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