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By rusty (registered) - website | Posted November 23, 2006 at 18:02:14

I think some traffic pattern analysis is warranted. For myself I often drove from east Hamilton right through the downtown in order to get onto the 403 and Toronto. This despite the fact that I had a pretty good route down Ottawa and along Burlington to the QEW. Sometimes the downtown route was quicker. I wonder how many folks make that trip?
For anyone between Ottawa and the core, getting to Toronto or the other side of Hamilton requires a trip through the downtown right now.

But clearly we have to change something. How much of the downtown traffic is Toronto commuters? How much of it is people with reasonable alternative routes (like me). How much of it is people who would like to take transit if they had a reasonable option to do so? I agree that a moderately quick east-west Hamilton route is needed but there are certainly ways to reduce the current traffic flows (more local jobs anyone?, better transit?) and letting people rip through the heart of the city is not working for anyone.

Nobody's advocating a lack of planning or foresight on this issue, we just need to recognise that making the downtown streets two-way is essential to Hamilton's success, and find a way to make it work.


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