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By (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2006 at 17:42:55

Oh, I'm sorry - my comment was about 2-way King and Main. Queen and James being 2-way is a trade-off that I can appreciate (Queen especially). On the one hand, they're crucial to getting at their corresponding mountain accesses, but they're also important to the community. Plus, the traffic on those two streets is generally light enough (even at rush hour) that they seem to be viable as 2-way streets.

I just disagree with two-way-traffic on King and Main, since they're the primary artery for _all_ transportation into and out of downtown, since as I said, we don't have the luxury of Toronto's subways, trains, and elevated highway all leading directly into (and through) the heart of the city.

Otherwise, the only expedient way into/out of downtown is the Linc, then by James... which is a horrible solution for those of us not on the mountain.

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