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By rayell (anonymous) | Posted May 09, 2008 at 10:49:58

ron wrote:

"What Richmond is getting is SKYTRAIN, which is actually a 'light metro system', similar to the Scarborough RT"


"They are now converting the BRT route into an extension of the SkyTrain, Vancouver's elevated rail transit network."

So stop pretending the article is being dishonest.

"Hamilton will gain absolutely nothing by creating an LRT (glorified streetcar). BRT for that purpose would be more cost-effective. Look at the context."

This sit is chock-full of examples of cities getting LRT like Hamilton is looking at and gaining LOTS of new economic development and new ridership from it. LRT is not just "glorified streetcars", it's fast, large capacity, fully accessible, on dedicated lanes with signal priority at intersections.

It's working in ALL KINDS of other cities, not just Richmond -- like Charlotte North Carolina, Portland Oregon, heck, even little Kinosha Wisconsin -- so I think YOU'RE the one being inaccurate when you pick on just one difference in just one example and try to say that it make the whole argument not valid.

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