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By Cityjoe (anonymous) | Posted May 08, 2008 at 12:10:51

"So, once again it is up to the consumer (reader/viewer) of the news to understand the bias and form his/her own opinion!"

More than that, it's time for the consumer to stop wasting money & time on media that cannot or will not do it's job. (if I want something 'papery' in my hands over breakfast, it's probably going to be the Star 6 days a week, & the G. & M. on Sunday.)

I've simply given up on the Spec's reporting of local news. I'm not implying bias as much as the inabilty to get the job done.

(The Spec was until recently, one of the few papers anywhere that required a daily subscription to access it's website. Even tiny rural papers do not impose that rule. I'm glad the Spec has recinded that, but it was so off-putting that I don't bother anymore with the paper or the website. You can't bribe or beat people over the head to get them to read. Far better if the Spec had improved it's local coverage from politics to car accidents to get people to Want to be informed about local matters.)

The 'new improved' Spec now provides more advertisers even more entire sections of their paper to sell cars & real estate. Wading through the Saturday Spec is a bore!

As for CHCH news, I'd have to say the same. The niche of local media is always to emphasize local news while covering world & national news. If it doesn't want to do that kind of coverage, then it has lost it's reason to be around.

It will probably be argued that to lose either The Spec. or CHCH news would be a loss to local news coverage, & pride, but any business has the responsibilty to do the job it has been mandated to do. If local news & issues are not covered in depth, then what are we loosing?

At one time our little weekly papers did a consistently better job of reporting local news. They now seem to be cutting back on local reporting in favour of Opinion, both editorial & readership. Even local crime stories seem to lack the 'Who,What,When,Why,& Where' in many cases, leaving both victims, neighbours & witnesses alike wondering what actually happened.

We all have opinions, & we all might like to see them in print, but it's time for everyone to get back to the basics of reporting local news. It should not be considered beneath your dignity!

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