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By lurkalicious (anonymous) | Posted May 03, 2008 at 11:35:00

Great point highwater about "we don't do process" what a cop-out! I was there that night and i think Ryan got it right when he said, (hey I'm quoting from memory to so be kind!) "when someone says something that you can look it up and check to see if it's correct, the media should look it up, and THAT's what they should print, not just that the person said it."

THAT's "process" - following how decisions are made, who says what, how other people rebutted (is that a word?), etc.... That's why I love RTH so much cause it starts following the guts of an issue long before the decisions are made. Like the airport lands thing, that's ALL about "process" only the Spec is only interested in the final decision after it's too late to see if the process sucked.

CATCH is also hugely important for this, "process" is just about their entier thing. Thank goodness someone's covering this so the public can actually get involved for once and maybe make decisions that better.

No wonder this makes the people in charge uncomfortable.

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