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By Trey (registered) | Posted May 03, 2008 at 09:46:21

Regarding the self correcting internet.

Here's something I just came across on MSNBC and remembered Ryan's comment about self correcting.

The article begins by saying "Condi Rice, the first black secretary of state", which is incorrect, Colin Powell was. The article allows for people to comment, just like RTH, many people pointed out the error. The article has since been corrected but the comments are still there. I think Ryan acts more ethically then MSNBC did in this case, because when an error or omission is brought to his attention he corrects the article and makes a note of the correction. This is fair and ethical journalism. People will make mistakes, but if the mistake appears in any other medium other then the internet, it's out there and can't be corrected. Newspapers will make an effort usually in the next day's paper will a small 'correction' box but not as effective as the internet.

TV = for the first time since it was invented has shown a drop in 'hours watched per week' in the under 25 demo in 2007. In the past you could not get this demo away from the TV. Radio (AM/FM) - listeners peaked in 1999 - and has been dropping ever since. Newspapers - circulations have struggling for over a decade. The writing is on the wall so to speak.

However, text messaging, IM, web forums, facebook, MySpace, wiki sites, sites like this are all increasing.

As someone who works in media and commercial messaging i look forward to this change and reaching the audiences of the future.

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