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By Anon2 (anonymous) | Posted May 02, 2008 at 10:53:26

I agree with Bada's sentiment. Anon1, you are suggesting that handsomely paid professionals aren't able to deliver good services because they don't 'pay the taxes that keep the whole thing afloat'...have to disagree. This is parochialism gone wild; it's the same kind of game that has infected City Council; witness the tax grab against Flamborough by Councillors who are not elected by that community; I maintain that we should be responsible for the 'big' picture whether we are bureaucrats or elected officials. But if we have suspicions based on 'where' people live, we are not building a trusting relationship! And that is naive and unsophisticated, not to mention destructive to what you are advocating: a caring, passionate society.

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