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By highwater (registered) | Posted May 01, 2008 at 16:21:35

Hi Ryan,

I was there, as you know. (Great to finally meet you, BTW.) It is folly indeed. My jaw hit the floor a few times. One time in particular was when someone asked Polling and Katrycz why they don't cover council meetings on a regular basis, and they shot back "we don't do process!" I am an advertiser's dream date. I'm a soccer mom in my peak spending years. Someone needs to tell the Spec and CH/E! that SOCCER MOMS DO PROCESS! We want in. We want to be engaged in our community because we care about our kids' futures, and we know that their health and well-being depends largely on the health of their community. And we're not stupid. I'm white knuckling my Spec subscription because I'm old and I need something papery to touch in the morning, but I have the exact feelings of frustration and alienation that you describe. I have to wonder. If the Spec is alienating their advertisers' dream dates, then who exactly do they think they're appealing to?

I also came out of the discussion with a sense of unease. It struck me that the alternative media in this city is rather precarious, depending as it does on the incredible dedication of a small handful of individuals. There will be an enormous hole if you or Dave burn yourselves out.

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