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By Randy Park (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2008 at 09:38:08

At our Post Carbon Toronto steering committee meeting last night, we were discussing the "visibility" that Peak Oil is receiving in the media and other places recently. In some cases, it is almost like a switch has flipped; where in the past, there was avoidance of the mention of Peak Oil, energy decline, or tight oil supplies; now it is almost passed off as not needing mention. Things like "of course, the tightness of oil supplies" are mentioned in passing, along with more transient causes such as country-specific events.
Yet - thought it's nice to hear some recognition of the situation - in all our experiences people still don't get the seriousness of the situation. I think it's a combination of:
1. It's never happened before
2. It's too scary to consider
3. It's too complicated.
So our job has changed from getting the phrase "peak oil" and its equivalents into the discussion, to explaining the true implications - which I think this web site is doing very well for the city of Hamilton.

Randy Park
Chair, Post Carbon Toronto

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